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About Dennis

I am committed to helping my clients reduce much of the stress associated with home financing transactions. Assisting navigation through an often complex and emotional process, I ensure a level of preparedness to walk through the steps correctly to secure your finance. 

This is why I’ve teamed up with C2 Financial Corp, the largest lender in the USA. With over 100 wholesale lenders to choose from and access to great interest rates, my clients are guaranteed a seamless experience.

I began my career in loan origination at a La Jolla based mortgage servicing company called Bowest in 1989 shortly after completing college.  That is where I learned to love the mortgage business.

In 1994 after a year as a loan officer for Legacy Mortgage Corporation in Colorado I bought the company. I am very proud of the success of Legacy Mortgage and all of the people we helped. After a terrific run in Colorado for many years, I moved back to San Diego in 2006. Like many people I took a break from the mortgage business in 2008. I learned a lot in the software services business focusing on financial services. I gained a new appreciation and perspective for managing complex processes in large organizations. 

Now I am excited to be back in my first career. I look forward to helping people achieve their goals. I decided to work with a broker who is one of the largest, and because of its size, is able to negotiate preferred pricing and service for its client. Now  I can shop amongst hundreds of different wholesale lenders to find the perfect rate for my clients.   

I can be confident that my clients are getting the perfect program and rates to best suit their needs.

Why Choose Us

My personal philosophy

No one skates through life without hard challenges. It is how we deal with these adversities that shapes us, proves our character, and often means the difference between success and failure. 

This is a theme that repeats itself over and over in my volunteer work with brain injury survivors. As someone who has worked hard to overcome the effects of a traumatic brain injury I can tell you that this volunteer effort is one of the most rewarding ways I can possibly spend my time.

Does that translate to the mortgage business? Maybe not directly, but I can tell you it effects everything I do. I strive to bring excellence to all of my clients.

Expert Guidance
Over 20 Years' Experience as A Mortgage Lender. Let Us Find The Right Mortgage For You.
Offering some of the best conventional loan rates in California.
An appealing option, especially for first-time homeowners with lower credit scores.
Whether you’re just starting to save or already have a house in mind, we can help you get your keys to your first home.
A popular option offering up to $3 million to maximize purchasing power.
We can help you reduce your financial burden by replacing your mortgage with a lower interest rate!
We believe in helping all those who served proudly by providing them with mortgage loans they deserve.
Jumbo VA loans offer significant benefits, especially compared to conventional loans.
Your trusted san diego mortgage lender

20+ Years' Of Experience

" We are able to help you find the right mortgage to match your financial needs. From traditional fixed-rate mortgages, jumbo loans, and first time home buyer programs, we can find the best option for you. With our help, you'll get a low monthly payment or buy a house with less money down! We make finding the right loan easy. “

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