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mortgage refinance california

Most people refinance to lower their interest rates and reduce their mortgage payments, often saving thousands in mortgage interest. But that’s not the only reason to refinance a mortgage. You can also refinance into a new loan type or a new loan term — which could help you pay off your house early. You can also cash out some of the equity in your home if you need more money for other investments.

Dennis from C2 Financial Corp has been guiding his clients through the process of refinancing their mortgages for years. With a team of experts on hand, Dennis is able to offer guidance in determining if there are better rates available and which type of loan may be the right fit for your situation. 

With refinance rates in California fluctuating daily, Dennis at C2 can help you find the right loan to save you money and suit your needs. Contact Dennis today to learn more about current rates and how refinancing your mortgage could save you money on interest charges and monthly repayments.

mortgage refinance california

Our Process

Our mortgage refinance process is designed to achieve your
immediate and long-term financial goals – We make it easy with six simple steps.

first time home buyer california

1. Consultation

We will walk you through the loan process, evaluate your needs, set expectations, and finally discuss the options that are best for you.

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2. Application

You will complete an application and submit any requested documents.

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3. Appraisal

We will set up an inspection of your property and give you a copy of your appraisal once completed.

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4. Underwriting

We then will review your property details, income, assets, and debts.

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5. Approval

Once all conditions have been reviewed and are satisfied, your loan will then be approved.


6. Closing

Once loan documents have been signed, there is a three-day waiting period, and then the loan is eligible for funding!

Why Refinance Your Mortgage Through c2?

Here at C2 Financial Corp, your priorities are our priority! We have access to over 100 wholesale lenders giving us the ability to find the right loan for you at the best possible rate. Mortgage refinancing can lower your monthly mortgage payments which can add up to significant savings.

If you are looking for competitive refinance rates in California, Dennis at C2 Financial Corp can help. Dennis provides fast and efficient refinance solutions – closing most loans in under 30 days. 


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100+ Wholesale Lenders

mortgage refinance california

Benefits of mortgage refinance in california

Lower Interest Rate

Dennis at C2 Financial Corp can help you get a better interest rate to save on your monthly repayments! Pay off your higher-interest debts by refinancing to a lower rate today.

Select your Mortgage Type

For clients who chose to refinance in California, they have the option of choosing between an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) and a FRM Fixed Rate Mortgage.


Consolidating all of your mortgages into one monthly payment can be an easy way to save money. With only one monthly fee, you could have a lower and steadier monthly repayment. Consolidate all of your mortgage payments today!

Change the Terms

Refinancing provides you the opportunity to choose whether or not you want to lengthen or shorten your loan term and make any other changes that will lower your monthly payments.

Dennis has helped thousands of clients save money on their mortgages by refinancing, and wants to help you too!

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