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Fluctuating interest rates and company profit margins got you confused? Looking to get a reliable estimate before you sign up? Here’s our California mortgage calculator to help you compare and see for yourself how we can help you accomplish your dreams in a wallet-friendly manner!

Mortgage Rate Calculator

Use our California mortgage calculator to help you get a rough estimate of what you can expect from C2 Financial Corp. From getting a good idea about your monthly payments including estimated taxes, HOA, and insurance within seconds.

Start by entering your total mortgage or refinance amount, term, down payment & interest rate.

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Mortgage Calculator


This is the loan amount you will be applying for. The higher this amount, naturally, the higher your monthly payments and tenure will have to be.

This includes the number of years over which you are looking to distribute the payment. Depending on the term, your monthly payment will fluctuate. Usually, mortgage terms range from 10 to 30 years.
This is the interest rate you’ll have to return the loan on. This is the annual fixed interest rate and is different from the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Interest rates may vary year-on-year.
Once you’ve added all the relevant information, you will get a figure giving you a monthly payment schedule. The monthly principal amount is what you’ll pay per month and is inclusive of interest.
This term encompasses the total amount you’ll have to pay. This gives you a bird’s eye view of your loan and includes monthly payments, along with interest rates and fees.
This is a breakdown of the total payments you’ll have to make. This part tells you the total interest you’ll have to pay over the mortgage term.
If you are willing to include a prepayment to your mortgage, you’ll have to select a type. This includes a monthly payment option, bi-annually, yearly, one-time payment, or none.
If you selected any prepayment type other than ‘none’, you can include the amount you’re willing to prepay on your mortgage. This will reduce the mortgage balance and thus, monthly payments.
The start-with payment includes the number of prepayments you’ll make on your mortgage. The mortgage rate calculator will assume that all prepayments will be received on time.
This figure will change as you change your prepayment schedule or the start-with payment and reflects how much you’ll save by making prepayments on your mortgage.
This option will help you choose how you want to see your payment schedule., i.e., annually as a summary or monthly to see how much you’ll be paying throughout the term.
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